Zoo Marine


If you have children under twelve, Zoo Marine is not to be missed! Over twelves will want the excitement of a water park.

The Zoo Marine bus calls to the Resort on a daily basis. There are some great shows – especially the Dolphin show and Birds of Prey show. You can also pay extra to swim with the Dolphins if that’s your dream. 

It is a very pleasant place and a very enjoyable day out. The shows are excellent - dolphin, seals, birds of prey et., they run every 30 minutes or so and are thoroughly enjoyable. 

You can also lie by the pool to relax. There is a kiddies pool and a larger adults pool.

There are some some water rides which under 12's will enjoy - they are not white knuckle rides by any stretch of the imagination. However, 5 to 10 years olds will love them. There is also a large swimming pool, a big wheel, and a mini-water coaster for younger children.

Zoo Marine is all about shows. A picture from the seal show.

Children under 4 are free and 5 to 10 year olds cost €15 and Adults are €24. If you book on-line you will get a 10% reduction on your ticket price. For further information click on this link Zoo Marine