Old Town Beach

Old Town Beach
The old town breach is beautiful, but just about 5 minutes further down is a little bit of paradise. I can not say enough to describe the beauty of this little spot. This is the view of the beach from Rei Dos Mares. The old town beach has a lift at one end near the tunnel to the sea. The views from the top are beautiful. When you are on the beach facing the sea, the lift will be to your right. As you walk left away from the lift, you will pass the main old town beach and the pier jutting out to sea and within 5 minutes you will arrive in Paradise..
Rei Dos Mares
Just down from the main Old Town beach which can be busy in peak season is an absolute gem of a beach restaurant which is built into the bedrock called Rei dos Mares. They do the most amazing white Sangria. This is an absolute must on your holiday.

This is durectly above Reis do Mer.
Very nice if you want a little bit of pampering. Very plush and the price of lunch is surprisingly o.k. They have a very cool bar and a very stylish restaurant upstairs. Click on the link above and check out their website.
Even thogh this place is amazing - I still personally prefer to be on the beach in front of Rei Dos Mares. The sea comes right in to the edge of your sunbed and the service is fantasic - not to mention the sangria. Enjoy !