Local Restaurants

You are only 5 minutes by taxi/minibus from the old town which has 100’s of fantastic restaurants along coble locked streets. The following are a selection of local restaurants. These are just a few that I have been to and would recommend. However, I would like to point out that you must try O'Marinheiro, Dom Dini, Jompra, Luau, Museu dos Salgados and Seasons at the resort.


This is a fantastic restaurant. It's about a 20 minute walk from the resort or less than €5 in a taxi. Fantastic food, service. This restaurant is by far the best restaurant I have been to in Albuferia in over 6 years of going there. Estra do Castelo, Sesmarias,8200,Albuferia +351 289 591 007

You should go early on in your holiday as you will most definately go back a 2nd time.

 Dom Dinis

Turn Right from Resort – 3 or 4 minute walk on right hand side. Excellent Restaurant and also has a nice little bar to have an aperitif while waiting for your table. They have a very nice selection of lobsters to pick from the fish tank. A truly authentic Portuguese feel to the restaurant. You will not be disappointed. Very good food and service and value. Seismaria,8200-385, Albuferia +351 966 984158/ +351 289 591411

 O’Marinheiro Turn right from the resort and walk about 250 yards. it’s on your left up a laneway about 50 yards. Almost as good as Jompra - but that's being unfair as Jompra is exceptional. Very good food, service and has a children’s playground/area.  Sesmarias/Praia da Coelha 8200-385 Albufeira +351 289 592350
 Museu dos Salgados

This is an outstanding restaurant. As good as any of my other recommended restaurants. It is only 5 minutes by Taxi in opposite direction to old town and costs about 5 EUR. They have a lovely little bar to have a pre-dinner drink and they an excellent wine and ports to choose from. A always include this restaurant on every trip. Estrada de Vale de Para, 8200 Albufeira, +351 965675045


The restaurant at the resort is excellent. There is regular entertainment - Elvis, Rui Sax, Karaoke (if that's your thing) etc. You can also dine outside by the pool if you fancy a romantic meal.  


Turn left from the resort and walk to the main road and up the hill on the opposite side. Recommend a taxi although you could walk it in 15 minutes. This is a gem of a restaurant. Beautiful setting, great food and service also. Make sure you go outside and look up at the waterfall.Av. Dos Descobrimentos, Portugal +351289515143
Solar das Oliveiras 

This is about 6 or 7 EUR in a taxi from the resort. Looks nothing from the outside but fantastic inside. I went past this restaurant for years until recently. Well worth a visit. Estrada de Vale de Parra, Albufeira. +351 289591159

  Sao Rafael

Wine & Dine on the ‘best beach in Portugal ! On the beach in front of the resort. Beautiful restaurant, specialising in fish (they also have a selection of meat). It’s a magnificent setting. On the other side / adjoining – you have a beach snack bar, have an ice cream or a cool beer !

 Sao Domingos

A good restaurant close to Museu dos Salgados. Known locally for its delicious speciality dishes, Cod a Sao Domingos, Chateaubriand, beef madeira lamb in red sauce, home made desserts. Estrada Vale Rabelho, Gale, 8200-428, Portugal 969639961

 CHEMSUI Chinese

 2 minute walk (Turn left from the Resort).Over mini-market. Looks nothing – very ordinary decor etc,. however – the food is your standard Chinese.

 CS Hotel   5 Star Hotel – Turn left from the resort. 1 minute walk other side of the road. I have never eaten here – but looks really beautiful.