WiFi Neflix

I added Wi-Fi to my property and also an Android box with Netflix included. The Wi-Fi unit is attached to the extension lead under the TV. It's tied on with cable ties. Just press the centre of the unit and all 3 light should go on. The code for Wi-Fi is 9212096679.
Android Box - On-Line Videos and Netflix
Go to HDMI3 and turn on Android Box with remote control
Netflix (Already logged on)
  • Select Movie and play.
On-Line Video
  • Go to Kodi
  • Go to Videos - down to add-ons
  • Go to Exodus
  • Go to Movies
  • Select Category - e.g. Most Popular
  • Browse and Select movie
  • Once you select a movie, let it load to next page (Don't press anything)
  • It displays a list of streams - Press down once and select the first link.
  • It will automatically go though all available streams selecting the best link available and takes about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Should a problem arise here, press cancel and the system will continue its search.
  • Your movie should now be started